Self-Direction of Funds

The Board of Trustees directs the investment of most Individual Account balances, but the Self-Direct option was created for participants who want a little more freedom with the investment of their Annuity contributions. A Participant has the option to self-direct his or her Individual Account within a limited number of mutual funds after participating in an online educational seminar.

Self-Direct Online Seminar  Self-Direct Transfer Form

Self-Direct Transfer Form to Return Monies to Trustee-Directed Account

The Annuity Fund’s online educational seminar gives you basic investment tools in order to make more informed decisions, should you elect to self-direct any portion of your Annuity contributions into any of the mutual fund options provided under the Self-Direct program.

Once you have completed the online Self-Direct seminar and a Self-Direct Transfer Form you will be eligible to self-direct your Annuity through John Hancock Retirement Plan Services.

You are not obligated to transfer your monies if you take the seminar, but it will make you eligible to, should you desire to do so now or in the future.

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