Distribution / Payment Options


If you are married, your account will be paid in the form of a Joint and 50% Survivor Annuity, unless you and your spouse waive this option.  Otherwise your Account can be paid in a lump sum, installments, or it can be rolled over to another qualified plan.

If you haven’t started withdrawal of your Account by your Required Beginning Date, an annual distribution will be made to you until your Account is exhausted or you make other arrangements for withdrawal of your balance.

Applying for Distribution

When you apply for the money in your Individual Account, the Fund Office will provide you with a number of documents intended to provide you with information so that you and your Spouse (if you are married) can make informed decisions as to what payment form you want. There are a variety of payment options available such as:

  • A Lump Sum distribution,
  • Fixed Benefit Installment payments or Installment payments for a Fixed Period of Time, or
  • A Direct Rollover into a traditional IRA or an eligible retirement plan that accepts rollovers.

Requesting a Retirement Estimate

Stay tuned for new site features including an online Pension Estimator. In the meantime, feel free to contact the Fund Office to request an estimate of your Retirement Benefits.

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