The Fund Office strives to make website access to your benefit information and coverage details as convenient as possible.   However, if you need further assistance, or if you wish to contact service providers directly, please use the contact information below.

Provider Contacts

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Indemnity Plan Contact Information

Claims & Benefits

Toll-free (888) 547-2054
Local Calls (510) 633-0333
Fax (510) 633-0215

Prescription Drugs

Express Scripts

Toll-free (800) 939-7093

Vision Benefits

Vision Service Plan

Toll-free (800) 877-7195

Finding PPO Contract Providers

California -
Outside California -

Toll-free (800) 810-2583

Review Organization for Medical Pre-Authorizations

Anthem Blue Cross For Physicians Only

Toll-free (800) 274-7767

Health Management Tools

 Anthem’s Advisor Program

(844) 437-0488

LiveHealth Online

Anthem’s 24/7 Nurse Line

Toll-free (800) 700-9184

Member Assistance Program

Toll-free (800) 999-7222

Kaiser Plan Contact Information

Toll-free (800) 464-4000

Dental Benefits

Active and Retiree PPO Dental

Delta Dental


Toll-free (800) 765-6003

Retiree Dental HMO Plan

Toll-free (800) 422-4234

Orthodontic Benefits

Delta Dental

Toll-free (800) 765-6003

Retirement Services

Annuity Self-Direct & 401(k) Account Information

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

833-38-UNION (833-388-6466) (English)

Retirement Planning Services



Toll-free (888) 201-5488

Links for Union Members and Employers

Nor Cal Carpenters Union

Local Calls (510) 568-4788

United Brotherhood of Carpenters

Carpenters Training Committee For Northern California

Local Calls (925) 462-9640

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