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Established in March of 1953, the Carpenters Health and Welfare Trust Fund provides health and welfare benefits for eligible active and retired participants. The health and welfare plan provides medical, prescription, and vision benefits. See below for other benefits available to Active and Retired Participants.

The information provided by this website is presented in summary fashion. The Rules and Regulations of the Plan govern the administration of all benefits.

Only the full Board of Trustees:

  • is authorized to interpret the Plan Rules and Regulations;
  • has the authority to modify or change the rules of the Plan;
  • may give binding answers, and then only if you have furnished full and accurate information concerning your situation in writing;
  • shall be the sole judge of the standard of proof required in any case and the application and interpretation of this Plan;
  • shall render decisions final and binding on all parties, subject only to such judicial review as may be in harmony with federal labor policy.

No Employer or Union nor any representative of any Employer or Union is authorized to interpret the Plan on behalf of the Board -- nor can these persons act as an agent of the Board of Trustees. Benefits are paid in accordance with the Plan Rules and Regulations. All other documents, including the Summary Plan Description, are interpretations of the Plan Rules, and in the event of a discrepancy, the Plan Rules prevail.

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Active Participants

There are two medical coverage options to choose from depending on where a participant lives — Kaiser and the Indemnity Medical Plan. Kaiser is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). Only participants residing in the Kaiser HMO service areas may elect Kaiser HMO coverage. The Indemnity Medical Plan is self-insured and uses a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) which provides financial incentives to use preferred providers.*

The Trust Fund provides different levels of benefits based on Employer contributions. (Plan A, Plan R, Plan B, and the Flat Rate Plan) A Participant should contact the Trust Fund Office if he/she is unsure which plan applies. A Participant must satisfy the eligibility requirements as stated in the Plan Rules and Regulations in order to qualify for benefits.

In addition to the medical, prescription drug, and vision benefits described above, dental benefits are provided to all eligible active participants. Orthodontic benefits are available for dependent children under age 19 of eligible active Participants. For more information see the Summary Plan Description and appropriate Plan Comparison.

Disability benefits, life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage are also available to eligible active participants. Dependents may also be eligible for life insurance.


Retired Participants

There are two medical coverage options for Retirees — Kaiser, or the Indemnity Medical Plan* for medical, prescription drug, and vision benefits. Eligible retired participants can elect dental benefits through Delta Dental. Retirees are responsible for a portion of the premium for their health benefits and the full premium for dental benefits. The Health and Welfare premiums and dental self-pay premiums will be automatically deducted from the retiree's pension check. If the pension check will not cover the amount of the Health and Welfare premiums the Retiree will be required to make a monthly self-payment to continue his or her insurance. If the pension check will not cover the amount of the dental self-pay premiums, the retiree cannot be enrolled in the dental plan. For more information, please review the Plan Rules and Regulations, Plan Comparison, Health and Welfare Rate Sheet and Retiree Dental Rates.

As you approach retirement check out CFAO's Guide to Filing for Social Security, Understanding the Medicare System, and Employment after Retirement for more information about benefits that might be available to you.

*Anthem Blue Cross Inter-Plan Programs Financial Policies Compliance
(Applies to Indemnity Plan Participants only)


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