Dignity Health Contract Renewal

For Indemnity Plan participants, we have been notified by Anthem Blue Cross that an agreement has been reached with Dignity Health, without a lapse of in-network status. Click here for more information.

Electronic Delivery of Plan Materials

As a Plan participant you are entitled to important material explaining how your various benefits work. You have the option to receive this information electronically, and there are a lot of good reasons for doing so. Email delivery of Plan documents is convenient, simplifies your recordkeeping, reduces paper clutter, ensures fast delivery, and allows more of your contributions to be spent on benefits by reducing printing and postage costs. For more information, or to sign up for E-delivery see the Electronic Delivery Election Form.

Frequently Asked General Questions
How can I update my address?
How can I request a Quarterly Statement?
What kind of Survivor Benefits are available and how do I apply for them?

Frequently Asked Health & Welfare Questions
When and how can I change carriers?
My dependent is a full time student, are they covered?
Am I eligible for benefits?

Frequently Asked Retirement Benefit Questions
What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order?
How do I withdraw my Annuity monies?
How does the 401(k) Plan work?
How do I withdraw or rollover the monies in my Northern California Carpenters 401(k) account?

Frequently Asked Vacation Fund Question
How do I apply for an early withdrawal of my funds?

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